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Be Still

Lately, I've been noticing that movement is not only a sign of life, but that all created beings, even when appearing still, are always in some sort of perpetual movement.  Our bodies constantly pump blood, oxygen, and nutrients.  Traffic never stops.  Neither does the economy, or social media, or time.  Neither do your kids.  In fact, the entire universe is constantly in movement.  Like a bicycle, it seems that our world would wobble and crash if it stopped moving around the gravitational forces of the sun & our neighbor planets.  We need movement to define us and to keep us alive.

God is the only thing that can be truly still and alive.  He is outside of our physical reality.  

So stillness, as much as we humans may achieve it, for however short a time, is sacred.  God-like.  Separate from all other beings. 

When we are still, we are with God in a special way.  The perpetual push and pull of the relational, gravitational & centrifugal forces  surrounding us can distract us easily and trick us into thinking we’re making decisions when we’re really just pinned to the wall of our Tilt-a-Whirl.  If you remember that ride from amusement parks, then you'll know that breaking out of the force of a Tilt-a-Whirl machine takes a lot of deliberate effort. 

Try it just once.  Sit still & comfortable for ONE MINUTE.  Set a timer.  Focus your thoughts only on the automatic motion of your body.

If you'd like some guidance, here you go:

  • Close your eyes and visualize yourself where you are RIGHT NOW.  Are you sitting, standing, laying down?  Visualize your body in its current posture without judgement, as if you were another person observing you as you meditate.
  • Now see if you can perceive through your senses the movement that is internal in you.  Check in with your mind and your autonomic nervous system (digestion, breathing, heartbeat…).  Where can you feel it in your body?  Visualize yourself right now as if from another person, and let the area or areas of your body where you feel movement glow.  
  • Now see if you can perceive through your senses any movement around & outside of your body right now.  Can you hear traffic?  Voices?  Can you smell food preparation?  Do you sense others?  What is the quality of their energy?
  • Keep enlarging that to the movement you can perceive just outside of the room or space you’re in.  (the whole building, for example, or the whole block if you’re outside…) Then perceive movement in the city, state, and country you’re in, and so on until you attempt to perceive earth’s rotation and revolution around your still body.
  • While you are still, everything around you moves.  Imagine that you and your Higher Power are the only things being still in this moment, so that you can perceive each other.  What do you learn?

Please note that I am NOT a meditation teacher, though I'm training to become one.  I hope this little mind exercise has helped you achieve a bit of healing stillness.