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Our needs drive our behavior.  If we feel that our needs aren’t being met (that we’re being deprived), then our behavior will focus exclusively on meeting those needs, in a certain order. 

In the 1940s, is a psychologist named Abraham Maslow came up with a “Hierarchy of Needs.”  It’s often pictured with a pyramid shape. His theory is that, in order to thrive, our needs must be met, starting with the most basic needs (bottom of the pyramid), working up, in order, to what he called “growth needs,” which focus on self-actualization.

In other words, our basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, and safety must be met before it’s even possible to address higher-level needs, like a sense of belonging or purpose.

We tend to attach ourselves to the people or institutions that meet our needs, especially the most basic needs.  We generally assume that a healthy family structure provides food, shelter, clothing, and safety for kids.  But if a kid’s family can’t provide these things, he or she may turn to others.  And those who actually meet our needs become an overwhelming influence on our lives.

At Listen to Kids, we want to be a healthy institution that provides for your needs, so that you don’t need to consider less healthy sources.

Our ability to meet our clients’ needs depends on the generosity and understanding of more fortunate people: families, individuals, and businesses who can donate money or resources to Listen to Kids.  In that sense, we represent a community of healthy humans who want to be part of the solution in your life.  There is a healthy group of real people in the world that wants to help meet your needs when they can.  We’re proof that hope exists.