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The Legacy School, Inc. DBA Listen to Kids
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Our Partner Counseling Providers

Currently, we partner with:

We strive to work with counselors who are trained in Story-Informed Trauma Therapy (SITT) developed by a leading, national trauma expert, Byron Kehler.  Some counselors are also trained providers of EMDR therapy, Sand Tray Therapy, Emotionally-Focused Therapy, Emotionally-Focused Family Therapy, Child-Focused Play Therapy, Trauma-Focused CBT, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, & Trust-Based Relational Intervention.  

As our Counseling Scholarship program grows, we'll expand our list of partner counseling providers.  

Further reading on trauma therapies:


Emotionally-Focused Therapy

Sand Tray Therapy




Our Counseling Scholarships are available as funding allows.  

After receiving your request via this form, we'll contact you and walk through the process together.  

If funding is available, we'll:

1. connect you to a pre-vetted, qualified counselor of our choice

2. ask you to sign a waiver with the counselor so that Listen to Kids can ask about your attendance

3. ask you to sign our Counseling Scholarship Agreement, which outlines your responsibilities and our responsibilities.

4. approve an initial 10 sessions with your counselor 

5. pay for all or part of your counseling fees

After 6 or 7 sessions, we'll evaluate your need for an additional 10 sessions.  LTK will work with your counselor and let you know if funding for your scholarship will continue and discuss options to continue or end counseling.

Usually, your Counseling Scholarship contact will be Michelle Scandurro, LTK Founder & President.

If, at any point, the client would like to request a different counselor, we're happy to have that conversation.


Counseling Scholarship Application Form

Counseling Scholarship Application
if applicable
please include area code
if applicable
Please include area code.
Please note that the definitions of "abuse" and "trafficking" include the coerced forcing of sexual acts or labor.
Coercion of a minor, even if that minor is willing, is a crime.
Would you like to request a certain kind of counselor, or even a specific counselor?
LTK may not be able to secure a specific counselor for you. However, if you have a strong preference, we'd like to know.
I understand that, if approved, funding is granted exactly ten (10) sessions at a time. The need & funding for additional counseling sessions will be evaluated starting seven (7) weeks after treatment begins.