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The Legacy School, Inc. DBA Listen to Kids
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130

"She is clothed with strength & dignity; she can laugh at the days to come." Proverbs 31:25

What We Provide

We can often provide:

  • Gently used or new clothing (with tag still attached), all sizes
  • new mens’/women’s underwear, all sizes
  • new sports bras, all sizes
  • tampons/pads
  • new shoes
  • socks
  • food
  • one-night toiletry kits
  • self-care  items

We hope one day to be able to pay for treatment for PTSD resulting from child abuse.

How We Provide

We primarily work through our professional partners to deliver needs directly to teens who’ve survived abuse.  We’ve established relationships with social workers at parish CACs, the Orleans Juvenile Court, some schools, and some family services organizations. 

If you’re an individual teen on your own, please contact us through email or social media!!!!  We’ll help you find a professional provider that we can work with.