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The Legacy School, Inc. DBA Listen to Kids
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130


Juvenile Justice Awareness Day (JJAD)!

JJAD is an annual event hosted by the Orleans Juvenile Court.

Saturday, December 17

12 - 4pm

at the Orleans Juvenile Court parking lot

1100-B Milton Street

NOLA 70122

JJAD is a FREE festival where kids and caretakers/parents can connect to resources, meet Santa, make friends, learn about services available to them, and receive gifts.


Listen to Kids will have a tent/booth there, where we'll host crafting and provide information about what we do.    

We need volunteers to:

  • set-up & tear down (10:30-2pm or 4-5pm)
  • host the craft table (2-4pm)
  • give out presents & interact with kids and parents/caretakers (2-4pm)


We’re always coming up with NEW ideas & projects you can help with!

volunteer opportunities:

  1. Assemble Overnight Toiletry Kids
    Assemble Overnight Toiletry Kids

    An item often requested by Covenant House and NOCAC is an overnight toiletry kit.

    Most of the kids these two organizations work with are homeless or in transition between living environments. Toiletry kits provide them with single-use portions of shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and an encouraging handwritten note.

  2. Nothing makes you feel loved like a handwritten note from someone who understands. We don't want the kids we help to feel abandoned. We want them to know we're out here, thinking of them! This is something you can do on your own, at home. Just email or text us to set up a time/place for pickup in the New Orleans area.

  3. Shopping

    When shelters and crisis centers need clothing, we shop! We could always use stylish people to help us pick out clothes to donate.

  4. Delivering clothes, books, or other items.
    Delivering clothes, books, or other items.

    We deliver donations often to Covenant House NOLA, Boys/Girls Hope, NOCAC, Salvation Army NOLA, and other organizations that help local kids in need. When we get lots of donations, we could sure use some help delivering around the city!

  5. Social Media Marketing
    Social Media Marketing

    We need people who can be trusted keepers of the Listen to Kids brand on social media. We're looking for help keeping up an active presence on all of our channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIN, Alignable, and YouTube. This includes "liking," "loving," and "sharing" appropriate messaging from other content creators online as well as interacting with any messages Listen to Kids receives through social media. Content creation is also welcomed.

  6. Content Creation!
    Content Creation!

    We're local, y'all. So part of our branding is the creativity and entrepreneurship people expect to find in NOLA. If you're artsy, we'd love to display your work and give you credit, as long as it's relevant to our mission.

    We can always use:
    *blog articles
    *memes/graphic design
    *fun and informative or just plain encouraging videos
    *art we can give away to promote awareness (Wouldn't it be SO COOL to have a LTK Mardi Gras bead medallion, and get parades to throw them? Or what about a new t-shirt design for LTK? Or a LTK Christmas ornament, that would remind you of the cause every year? The possibilities are endless. I'm all about making stuff.)

    Before you get started, email Michelle with your ideas. listentokidsnola@gmail.com We'll work with you to make sure your creation is usable.