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"Fight/Flight/Freeze" Response (FFF) is our sympathetic nervous system's response to a perceived threat.

It's a biological mechanism that we can observe in animals as well as humans and is NOT connected to rational thought.

some Physical Symptoms:

  • a surge of the hormone adrenaline
  • a surge of the hormone cortisol  
  • a surge of the hormone glucose ---------These hormonal changes result in:
  • elevated heart rate
  • shorter, shallower breathing
  • feeling hot or sweaty
  • widened eyes
  • stiffening of muscles
  • reddening of face
  • a surge of energy and strength
  • a sudden scream or verbal outburst

some Emotional Symptoms:

  • the urge to hurt someone or destroy something
  • the urge to run far away or hide
  • a feeling of paralysis, like your body is suddenly stuck in mud and every movement is a lot of effort
  • a sense that you're going to die
  • hopelessness