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You can Break the Cycle this April.

Easy Ways to Honor Child Abuse Prevention Month:

1.  Pinwheels for Prevention!!!  

Display blue pinwheels or blue ribbons at your house or workplace to attract awareness of the issues.


2.  Wear blue! 

3.  Donate.  

Your donation to Listen to Kids goes directly to addressing the needs created by Child Abuse.  More importantly, your impact is LOCAL.  You're directly helping your own community.   Your donation is also tax deductible!   ANY AMOUNT MAKES AN IMPACT. $1,500 sponsors over TWO months of counseling for an abuse survivor.



4. Understand the risk.  

ONE in FIVE kids will experience some kind of abuse.  That is a staggering percentage.  The impact on communities is profound.  Untreated child abuse often results in addiction, depression, anxiety, and chronic health issues.  It is a leading factor in homelessness.  

Learn more about how to identify and address child abuse HERE.

Click HERE for 10 ways to prevent child abuse.  


5.  Follow Listen to Kids on Social Media, and SHARE.

We use social media as a platform to educate and encourage concerning Child Abuse.  Sharing our posts with those in your social media circles helps us get the word out!

6.  Prioritize MENTAL HEALTH.

That's right.  Your mental health has a ripple effect on those around you.  You may never understand the impact of your own demeanor.  Give yourself permission for self-care, learn about it, & make time for it.

Abuse occurs when a parent or caregiver is unable or unwilling to protect the children in their charge.  This can happen because of their own unaddressed child abuse, addiction, or mental struggles.  Parent/caregiver mental health is at the core of prevention, so support the parents around you.

We often don't respond correctly when a kid needs emotional support.  It's easy to interpret a cry for help as bad behavior.  Because of their age, we may not take what kids say seriously.  Sometimes, what seems like childlike silliness is a clue to a child's emotional struggles.  A child's mental health & feelings of belonging and support are the best prevention tool.  Support the mental health of the kids around you, and listen to what they have to say.